Interactions at Work

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Simple Machines

Vocabulary for Unit

Science Diamante Example.jpeg


Invisible Forces at Work! Gravity Assist Explaination

Force and Motion Song by Mr Parr
Weight, Mass, and Gravity! Song by Mr. Parr

Solar Energy Sources of Energy
Solar Energy Science Fair Ideas

Clean Energy!
Solar Energy- User Name: wolfpack1 Password: slaughter08
Energy Sources Username: wolfpack1 password: slaughter08

Minshew Solar Panel front view.jpg
PV Panels at Minshew
Minshew Solar Panel side view.jpg
PV Panel at Minshew

DATA from PV screens at Minshew!

Click here to learn to make your own solar oven!

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Light Energy LAB

Light! Reflection, Refraction, and Absorption

Sound Game

Sound Energy Song

Click to play Silicon Spies!

Build your own roller coaster!
Newton's Cradle
Click here to learn more about US energy consumption.

Biomass Geothermal Wind Hydropower Solar Energy
Fossil Fuels (natural gas, coal, petroleum, propane)

Electrical Circuits Interactive Websites
Electric Circuits Site 1
Electric Circuits 2

Insulators vs. Conductors (Interactive)
Physics, Simple Circuit Interactive

Static Electricity- John Travolta Interactive
Videos For Force:Discovery Ed- Forces & Motion - Interaction of gravity on objects 12 min.
Discovery Ed- Language of Science: Physical Science 19 min.
Brainpop: Force
Brainpop: Gravity
Brainpop: Einstein
Brainpop: Newton
Brainpop: Newton's Laws
Study Jams: Force & Motion

Thermal Energy

Conduction, Convection, Radiation Interactive

Heat Transfer Animation

Light Energy
NASA Light Waves

Optics for Kids (concave and convex lenses)

Electrical Circuits

parallel with 3 switches.jpeg

Electric Circuits Site 1

Electric Circuits 2

Insulators vs. Conductors (Interactive)

Unit Review Game