Science Unit 1

Ins and Outs of Scientific Communication
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Unit Vocabulary: technical drawing, recycle, observation, inference, conclusion, nutrition, nutrient, My Plate, food label, advertisement, variable, pendulum, fulcrum, period, qualitative observation, qualitative data, quantitative observation, quantitative data, manipulated variable, responding variable.

Safety, Food and Variable Vocabulary Link

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Scientific Drawings

Technical Drawing- A detailed realistic drawing with labels and description.

Safety in Lab and Classroom

Lab Safety Quiz
Lab safety Battleship
Lab Safety Hangman
Lab Hazards
Lab Safety Jeopardy

Recycle- Process discarded items so the materials can be used to make new items.

Safety Song

Microscope Simulation

Is it an Observation or Inference??
Observations are things we can see... Inferences are judgements made based on our observations and what we know.

Observation- There is a shadow in front of the lion.


Inference- There is another animal checking on him.

Qualitative vs Quantitative

Qualitative observation- Uses you senses. Color, smell, texture etc.
Quantitative observation- Uses measurement tools for observations. Length, Mass, numbers etc.

What's in the shopping bag?

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Variable- Anything that can be changed during an investigation.

Period-The time it takes for a regularly recurring action or event to be repeated.
Fulcrum- The point or support on which a lever turns.

Pendulum- A mass hung from an unmoving support so that it is able to swing freely under the influence of gravity.

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