Earth's Changing Surface

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Jeopardy (Renewable and Nonrenewable resources)
Jeopardy (Earth's Changing Surface)
Jeopardy Review

How soil is formed. Interactive fusion

Interactive Soil Lab

Interactive Changes to the Earth's Surface (Fusion)

What are fossils? Fusion interactive

How fossils help scientists? Interactive fusion with lab.

Renewable and Nonrenewable sort

Energy City Interactive (renewable and nonrenewable resources)

Renewable and Non-renewable energy UK interactive

Power Up!

Soil Erosion (Make me genius)

Unit Power Point

Unit Study Guide to help complete the review

Unit Review

Interactive Earthquake Website
Recent Earthquakes

How do volcanoes and earthquakes align with plate techtonics?

Plate Tectonics Interactive

Earthquakes for kids

Earthquakes: How they work?
National Geographic: Forces of Nature

Soil Formation Website

Weathering, Erosion, and soil formation

Rock Cycle (Interactive)

Relative Time Scale Earth's Layers

River Weather, Erosion, and deposition

National Geographic Photos of Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition

Metamorphic Rock

Igneous Rock

Sedimentary rock
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Study Jams - Earthquakes
Study Jams- Volcanoes
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Landforms Karaoke!
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Weathering and Erosion
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Pangea Animation

Interactive Earthquakes

Click here to go on a Volcano field trip.




Powering the Future (Alternative Energy) Video 43 minutes
Earth's Changing Surface

Introduction to Continental Drift

What's Inside Earth

Let's Talk Geograghy: Landforms (mountains, plateaus, mesa's, buttes, valley's)

Landforms: Number One

Geographical Features: Landforms (NASA)

Cave formation (2 minute video)

Weathering and Erosion (20 min)

Standard Deviants (Weathering erosion and deposition) 30 min

Sink Holes (2 min)

Sink Hole Formation (

Annual Precipitation Map
Fossil Research
Brain Pop- Fossils
Study Jams- Fossils Powerpoint
Energy Story- Fossil Fuels
Formation of fossils- Article
PBS - How a dinosaur became a fossil
PBS- Types of Fossils
Discovery Education-Fossil video (15 min)
Discovery Education video clip Fossils in our lives (1min)